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Based in Toledo, Ohio, Sage Horticulture Solutions, LLC is a woman-owned small business committed to the highest standards in plant care and management. With 10 years of horticultural experience and a yearning for well-calculated change, Arden Pontasch aims to bring a full service horticulture company to the Toledo area that applies the plant knowledge of a changing industry to a changing Rust Belt city.  

A native to Northwest Ohio, Arden Pontasch earned her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at the University of Toledo in 2013, and has been a part of the Greenhouse Industry in the Toledo area for over a decade. Her high school job at Black Diamond Garden Center inspired her fascination with greenhouse growing and has fueled a passion for nature that started developing at a very young age.  She believes integrating nature into our everyday lives is essential for physical and emotional wellness, and is passionate about bringing personal wellness to each of her clients through her work as a horticulturist. The human/nature relationship guides most of the direction in her work and research. Although she loves to dwell in and work with ornamental gardens, Arden is perhaps a bit more inspired by functional gardens, such as food/vegetable gardens, rain gardens, and native plant gardens as food sources for pollinators and wildlife; while these kinds of gardens have a reputation for looking 'sloppy' or unorganized, she believes that given the proper design and placement, natives and vegetables can be beautiful in the landscape as well. Inspirations to her work include those of Piet Oudolf, Jens Jensen, and Eliot Coleman.


This business offers a wide range of horticulture services, including landscape design/advice, school gardens, nature workshops, and greenhouse plant production. Each client's needs are unique and special, and catering to those needs is something Arden will take the highest pride in doing. She places an emphasis on top quality, whole systems approaches to landscapes, not only with the plants she grows and recommends but also with the materials she uses and the chemicals/fertilizers she recommends.

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Sage Horticulture Solutions facilitates the growing process to maximize yields without compromising quality in greenhouses, cold frames, and indoor gardens. 

Sharing the wisdom of growing food and enjoying nature together as a community, Sage Horticulture Solutions creates a personalized gardening experience for learners of every age and skill level. 

From season expansion to waterwise gardening practices, Sage Horticulture Solutions will help you reach every gardening goal you would like to achieve.

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